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Real Estate Software


A flexible and comprehensive Business Management System
for Real Estate Office. Drawing on experience of over 30
years building software for Real Estate.
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Freedom to work anywhere, anytime


Designed to put all your data at your fingertips, no matter where
you are in the world. Freedom is the most comprehensive
mobile real estate software available.
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Real Estate Trust Accounting


Flexible Real Estate Trust Accounting software that can be
used in conjunction with MOVE CRM+ or as a standalone product.
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Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Software


A CRM and Business Management System tailored to the unique
requirements of Commercial & Industrial Specalists.
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Modern, Professional Real Estate Websites


Inhabit has a diverse range of visually striking websites that are
packed with industry specific features using our proprietory Jaguar software.
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Move CRM+

    Used by over 3500 real estate agents, MOVE CRM+ is suitable for every real estate office.

  • Intuitive email and SMS features and innovative print marketing
  • National website uploading and state-of-the-art monitoring
  • Comprehensive trust, advertising and Salesperson commission accounting
  • Interactive diary, workflow and inter-office communications
  • Excels in Commercial, Industrial, Rural properties as well as Project Marketing

FROM $200/month

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Access your CRM anywhere, anytime.. On any device.

  • Real time access to your data via smartphone and tablet devices
  • Insert Appraisals; create follow-ups to provide exceptional customer service
  • Update your listing details anytime of the day
  • Record Open Home attendees and their comments directly into the CRM
  • Work with your buyer; match their preferences to current listings and SMS the results

FREE with Move CRM+ & Comet

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Sales Trust Accounting Software you can rely upon.

  • Simplified bank reconciliation with month end reporting
  • Designed to seamessly integrate into Move CRM+ or operate as a stand-alone package
  • Ability to create and print individual Ledgers to track all Trust monies
  • Manage multiple Trust accounts with ease
  • Guardian can also look after your Interest Bearing Deposit (IBD) Accounts

Free with Move CRM+ & Comet

Only $100/month as a standalone product

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Modern, responsive Real Estate Websites.

  • Modern, sleek designs using the latest SEO technology
  • Fully responsive when viewed on a mobile device
  • Integration with MOVE CRM+ ensures your website is updated with Listing movements
  • API available for third party design companies
  • Access to manage and modify your website's content when You Need

From $60/month

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Specialised Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Software.

  • Flexible commission management, tracking and payments
  • Detailed Sales and Leasing processing
  • Intelligent understanding of People, Companies and their relationship
  • Ability to create complex documents such as Heads of Agreement and Submissions
  • Includess access to Freedom, ensuring you access to your Data 24/7

From $300/month



How Inhabit Can Help Hundreds of offices and thousands of people use Inhabit Software every day


Inhabit’s cloud-based technology allows you instant access to your CRM 24/7. On the road or in the office, you can ensure first class customer service by following up with your clients.

Quick and Easy Setup

The team at Inhabit can get you up and running within minutes. We can even assist you with Action Plans, Marketing Plans and Email Template setup to help your office swing into action.

Flexible & Generous Training

With a combination of videos, written manuals and ongoing support, your staff will be experts in no time. The Inhabit Systems trainers will also organise one-on-one online training if needed.

Upgrades & Improvements

Inhabit encourages feedback from you, the customer. Your suggestions are often incorporated to enhance the quality of our software. Sometimes we just invent things out of thin air to surprise you.

Portable & Mobile

Use any modern browser and pretty much any computer, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome etc. Access Freedom with your phone or tablet for a streamlined Mobile experience.

Easy yet Powerful

Friendly, flexible and powerful. You can effortlessly start the ball rolling, yet the more you look the more power, opportunities, productivity and flexibility you will find.

We Play Well with Others

Integration with ActivePipe, Homepass, Inspect RealEstate and Others. Inhabit’s API spec allows you to grant permission for friendly companies to access and interact with some of your data.


Flexible and configurable, Inhabit tries to fit in with how you like to do things. We can assist you with customising features including Email Letter Templates and Documents to suit your requirements.

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